Sermon title:  Mother’s Care Blocked by Satan’s World

Proverbs 1 and 6 and 30

Immanuel Baptist Church – Sunday, May 10, 2020


Our Scripture reading for this morning

is found in the Old Testament book of Proverbs.


We begin at the very beginning of Proverbs

with Proverbs 1:1


1 These are the proverbs of Solomon,

David’s son, king of Israel.


2 Their purpose is to teach people

wisdom and discipline,

to help them understand

the insights of the wise.


3 Their purpose is to teach people

to live disciplined and successful lives,

to help them do what is right,

just, and fair.


4 These proverbs

will give insight to the simple,

knowledge and discernment to the young.


5 Let the wise

listen to these proverbs

and become even wiser.


Let those with understanding

receive guidance

6 by exploring the meaning

in these proverbs and parables,

the words of the wise

and their riddles.


7 Fear of the LORD

is the foundation of true knowledge,

but fools despise wisdom and discipline.


8 My child, listen

when your father corrects you.


Don’t neglect your mother’s instruction.


9 What you learn from

them will crown you with grace

and be a chain of honor around your neck.


10 My child, if sinners entice you,

turn your back on them!


And continuing at Proverbs 6:20


20 My son, obey your father’s commands,

and don’t neglect

your mother’s instruction.


21 Keep their words always in your heart.


Tie them around your neck.


22 When you walk,

their counsel will lead you.


When you sleep,

they will protect you.


When you wake up,

they will advise you.


23 For their command is a lamp

and their instruction a light;

their corrective discipline

is the way to life.


And now, Proverbs 30:11


11 There is a generation of those

who curse their fathers

and do not bless their mothers.


12 There is a generation of those

who are pure in their own eyes

and yet unwashed of their filth.


13 There is a generation—

how haughty are their eyes

and pretentious are their glances





May the Lord    add his blessing

to our reading of his Word.






Being a mother should be a great joy.


It’s a joy to bring a new-born baby into the world.


It’s a joy to see a little toddler

learn to walk

and learn their first words.


And it’s a joy for a mother

to see her childr grow up

to succeed in this world,

having children of their own,

and building a happy family.


Proverbs 22:23 says,


22 Listen to your father,

who gave you life,

and don’t despise your mother

when she is old.


23 Get the truth and never sell it;

also get wisdom, discipline,

and good judgment.


24 The father of godly children

has cause for joy.


What a pleasure

to have children who are wise.


25 So give your father and mother joy!


May she who gave you birth be happy.


But our modern world has been re-shaped

to rob parents of that joy.


Our modern world has been re-shaped

to bring mothers untold pain and grief.


How many mothers’ hearts are broken

when their son or daughter

gets involved with drug abuse?


How many homes are filled with anger,

abusive screaming,

and conditions that lead to divorce

or to children running away?


How many mothers’ hearts are broken

when their daughter

has promiscuous sex

and becomes pregnant

without a committed father

to raise the baby?


How many mothers’ hearts are broken

when their son

has promiscuous sex

and fathers children through girlfriends

who are abandoned

to raise the grandchildren alone?


How many Christian mothers’ hearts are broken

when their sons and daughters deny the faith

and take up pagan attitudes

and sinful lifestyles?


It hasn’t always been this way.


People growing up in today’s world

think this is how it’s always been,

but it isn’t.


Proverbs 22:6 says,


“Train up a child   

in the way he should go;

even when he is old

he will not depart from it.”


That proverb was written

more than 3,000 years ago.


And it worked for centuries

for thousands of years—

but it doesn’t seem to work

in our modern world today.


Christian parents often feel guilty today

when they see their children

grow up to follow the ways of the world

instead of following Christ.


But it’s not the parents’ fault.


Today’s modern world

has been designed and engineered

to prevent mothers and fathers

from being able to

“Train up a child  

in the way he should go;


What changed?


Why is it so difficult—seemingly impossible—

in today’s modern world

for parents to raise up their children

to love God

and to live a godly lifestyle?


It’s because Satan the devil—

the one Jesus called

“the god of this world”

and “the ruler of this world”

has re-shaped the world

to put children under his instruction

instead of under their parents’ instruction.


When that proverb was written—


“Train up a child in

the way he should go;

even when he is old

he will not depart from it”—

the world was a very different place.


The world was the way it was for thousands of years,

but not the way it is today.


When that proverb was written,

a baby boy would be nursed by his mother

and would stay in her arms,

or close beside her,

until he was old enough

to go out into the field

and work the farm


with his father

and his uncles.


All day, every day of his life,

he would learn from his mother and his father

and his uncles and his aunts.


He would take on their beliefs and their values

their attitudes and their morality.


When that proverb was written,

a baby girl would be nursed by her mother

and would stay in her arms,

or close beside her.


When old enough to walk,

she would learn to work in the kitchen

and in the garden,

alongside her mother and her aunts

and grandmother.


All day, every day of her life,

she would learn from her mother and her aunts

and her grandmother.


She would take on their beliefs and their values

their attitudes and their morality.


And that’s the way it went

for hundreds and thousands of years,

until we approach modern times.


Today, a baby boy or girl is fed from a bottle

in the arms of someone—

maybe his mother,

or maybe someone else.


As soon as the new mother returns to work,

the baby is picked up or dropped off

and cared for all day

by a low-paid day-care worker

who has no motherly affection

for the child.


That’s not the mother’s fault.


Modern society is set up

to make it happen that way.


Parents find themselves in situations, financially,

where they have no choice.


After graduating from daycare,

the child moves on to public school,

where they are taught

that we have no Creator God.


There is no Creator, they are taught,

because all life originated in a mud puddle,

where certain chemical reactions took place,

and where little living things

started to wiggle in the mud.


Children are taught to disregard the Bible,

because they are taught that the Bible

starts off with a lie.


They are taught that Adam and Eve were a myth,

because those living things wiggling in the mud

somehow turned into monkeys and apes,

and we are descended

from an ape-like creature.


And, without a Creator,

who is there to be responsible to?


That monkey or ape certainly isn’t

going to give you laws to live by

or tell you right from wrong.


And now in our modern world

children are also taught in school

“sex education” classes

that any sort of sexual behavior

is okay and good.


And they are taught that

people who hold to the Bible’s moral teachings

are worse than just old-fashioned:

they’re hate-filled bigots

and homophobes.


They’re taught this atheistic philosophy now

from Kindergarten through college.


And Christian parents are at a loss

to influence their children otherwise.


Instead of spending all day with her daughter

in the kitchen and in the garden,

a mother today sees her daughter after work.


The T.V. is on,

and the children listen to the T.V.

rather than listening to their parents.


Or, each person in the family

has their eyes fixed an electronic device,

ignoring everyone else in the room.


And I can’t tell you

how much godless garbage

flows into children’s minds

from the T.V. and the internet.


Some parents are able to spend

a few moments in prayer with their children

at bedtime.


Or, maybe even an occasional 30 minutes or an hour

set aside for Bible study together.


But those few minutes have precious little influence

compared with the hours and days on end

the children spend

learning from the devil’s world.


It’s like wading into the waves at the beach

with a shovel

and throwing shovel-fulls of water

back into the sea

as the waves keep crashing onto the shore.


It makes very little difference—

if any difference at all.


Those feeble efforts

are not what God had in mind,

when he said,

“Train up a child in

the way he should go.”

God had in mind

that all-day, every-day connection

that parents had with their children

for thousands of years—until now.



Well, how did it get this way, now?


And, what can be done about it?


This country started out

with a foundation of Bible principles

and Christian belief.


The Pilgrims and Puritans

were deeply devoted to God and the Bible.


When they declared independence from Great Britain,

the country’s founding documents

named God, our Creator,

as the source of our liberties and laws.


As the original 13 colonies

began expanding Westward,

the Federal government passed laws

requiring each new town that was built

to set aside land for a church

at the center of that new town.


The Federal laws for settling the Midwest

included requirements to support churches

and promote belief in God.


For centuries, American families

sat around the fireplace in the evening

reading the Bible together.


Public education at that time

was very much Christian education.


Christian men and women instructed the children

and the textbooks promoted

belief in God and the Bible.


From the moment

they started learning their A, B, C’s,

children were taught “A is for Adam.”

So, what changed?


There were a number of factors.


First was the Industrial Revolution.


Beginning in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s,

factories began to be set up.


For thousands of years, almost everyone

either farmed the land or raised animals.


And their children worked alongside them,

learning their values.


A few men worked at trades like carpentry,

pottery, blacksmithing or tent making,

but their sons learned those trades

right alongside their fathers.


But, throughout the 1800’s

there was a gradual movement of workers

from agriculture to factories.


Men who worked away from the home

had much less influence

in raising their children.


And the mothers couldn’t completely fill the gap,

because they were never designed by God

to have to do it alone.


Ephesians 6:4 lays on fathers the responsibility

to bring up their children

“in the discipline

and instruction of the Lord.”


But, as the Industrial Revolution progressed,

and more and more fathers

went to work all day at jobs away from home,

more and more children

saw less and less of their fathers.


Then the devil’s next attack

came in 1859 when this book was published:

On the Origin of Species

by Charles Darwin.


It introduced the theory of evolution,

which removed the need for a Creator.


I was 14 years old when I purchased

this copy of Darwin’s book.


And I went on to read a number of other

books on evolution,

and I became an outspoken atheist

by the age of 15.


During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s

for the teaching of evolution

gradually replaced the teaching of creation

first in the colleges

and then in the public schools.


But it has been the standard curriculum

for decades now,

with generations of school children

taught there is no need for a Creator.


Even if their parents still believed

what Jesus taught about Creation,

the children believed the schools

rather than their old-fashioned parents.


But Satan wasn’t finished yet.


He had already taken the fathers

out of the homemost of the time.


Now, he began taking the mothers

out of the home, too.


For thousands of years, it was rare

for a woman to work outside the home,

leaving children in the care of others.

During the 1950’s the Communists in China

began setting up “collective farms.”


And the Communists demanded that women

work all day at those collective farms,

and forced them to put their children

into collective daycare.


Americans were shocked and outraged

that Chinese women could no longer

raise their own children,

but had to send them off

to collective daycare,

even when quite young.


But, it took only a couple more decades

for American women

to come under financial pressure

to work full-time jobs,

and to put their own children

into collective daycare all day long.

Now American mothers

saw as much of their children

as the Chinese mothers under the Communists.


So, God’s family arrangement for rearing children

was now even further undermined.


Parents in this modern world

who attempt to teach their children God’s ways

are running competition

with daycare, public schools, T.V.,

social media and other forces

that all pull the kids in the other direction.


God says “Train up a child in  

the way he should go;

but you can’t do that

with just ½ hour nightly—

and with the kids exposed 24/7

to influences pulling them

in the opposite direction.


Proverbs 1:8 says,


8 My child, listen

when your father corrects you.


Don’t neglect your mother’s instruction.


When that proverb was written 3000 years ago,

children heard their father’s correction

all day long

and their mother’s instruction

was constantly in their ears.


But kids in our modern world

get just a little taste

of what their Christian parents

are trying to teach them—

maybe just a few minutes a day.


Proverbs 6:20 says,


20 My son, obey your father’s commands,

and don’t neglect

your mother’s instruction.


21 Keep their words always in your heart.


But children today don’t have much opportunity

to hear their father’s commands

or receive their mother’s instructions.


The way this world is organized today,

fathers and mothers get to teach their offspring

less than 1% of the time God intended.


99% of the time, the children are listening to

daycare workers,

unbelieving school teachers

teaching ungodly curricula,

ungodly T.V. and social media posts

and music with lyrics

that promote ungodly lifestyles.


So, you mothers and fathers,

don’t blame yourselves

if your offspring

are following the ways of this world.


Satan the devil has re-shaped this wicked world

to choke off a mother’s influence

on her children

and to minimize a father’s ability

to discipline his children.


I believe Proverbs 30,

Verse 11, had this generation in mind,

when it prophesied,


11 There is a generation of those

who curse their fathers

and do not bless their mothers.


12 There is a generation of those

who are pure in their own eyes

and yet unwashed of their filth.


13 There is a generation

how haughty are their eyes

and pretentious are their glances

I believe that prophesies this generation

that has grown up deprived of

a mother’s instruction and a father’s discipline.


And the fault lies with Satan the devil,

the god of this world, the ruler of this world.


Jesus says,

the ruler of this world is judged.


Satan’s world is beyond redeeming.


Individuals can still turn to Christ and be saved.


But this world is beyond redeeming.


God has been patient.


But the things happening in the world today

indicate that God’s patience is running out.


The Apostle Peter writes in 2nd Peter 3:9,

he is patient with you,

not wanting anyone to perish,

but everyone to come to repentance.


10 But the day of the Lord

will come like a thief.


There isn’t anything mothers can do

about the world their children are born into.


And it’s this wicked world

that makes it so difficult

to raise godly children.


The Lord will soon put an end

to Satan’s world.


1 John 3:8 tells us “the Son of God came

to destroy the works of the devil.”


Jesus will come again and destroy Satan’s world.


But, in the meantime, Jesus works through us

to reach out to the lost individuals of this world

and to “destroy the works of the devil

by snatching our lost children out of Satan’s hand

and leading them to Christ.


While there is time, there is hope—

hope for those children who hear the Gospel

from our lips.