Sermon title:   Who Wrote the DNA Code?

Immanuel Baptist Church – Sunday, May 16, 2021




The Bible tells us that we humans are God’s handiwork,

God’s children—by his creating our forefather, Adam.


But the society we live in today—even here in America—

denies that we have an Almighty Creator.


The godless evolution taught as “fact” in public schools

says that this planet had no life on it a billion years ago,

until some chemical accident in the ocean

brought some molecules together

in such a way that they could reproduce.


Trillions of other accidents supposedly occurred,

producing one-celled organisms like bacteria.


The evolution teaching claims other accidents

brought one-celled organisms together

into multi-celled worms, then fish,

then birds, land animals and finally humans.


All of this by accidentmillions upon millions upon millions

of accidents that ended up eventually producing

our children and grandchildren, and everyone we know.


There are some scientists

who dispute the evolution theory

and uphold the Bible, instead.


But they are few and far between,

because the institutions of higher learning

and the scientific institutes throw them out.


Just like being banned by Twitter and Facebook

for posting prohibited ideas,

the scientific community expels any scientist

who defends the Bible.


That’s been documented in the 2008 documentary

“EXPELLED” staring Ben Stein.


And students seeking to become scientists

are flunked out by their schools,

if they don’t embrace the evolution teaching.


It’s been that way for decades now,

so there are few scientists left

who uphold that we were intelligently designed

by our Creator.



What evidence is there that the Bible is true?


And what evidence is there

that the Bible is inspired

by the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth?


The Bible itself contains such evidence.


We also find evidence of the Creator

in the creation around us.


Romans 1:20 says,

Ever since God created the world, his invisible qualities, both his eternal power and his divine nature, have been clearly seen; they are perceived in the things that God has made. So those people have no excuse at all!


But people often choose between God and evolution

based on emotion—their wants and desires—

rather than on factual evidence.


One of the main reasons

why people want to dismiss the idea

of a Creator who holds us accountable

for our actions,

is that they want to do things

the Bible says not to do.


If God doesn’t exist,

then they are free to do as they please.


I know that this is the motivation

behind many people’s rejection of God,

because it was my own motivation

when I was a young man,

and I rejected all religion.


And the reason

why many people feel free to dismiss

the idea of a Creator who holds us accountable

for our actions,

is that they can point to godless evolution



That theory of godless evolution

is what I pointed to, as a young man,

when I chose to give up the belief in a Creator.


Back in the 1960’s,

I read the book “On The Origin of Species”

that Charles Darwin published in 1859,

introducing the theory of evolution.


This is the paperback copy I read back then,

with the date I wrote inside the cover, the day I got it.


I also read the book titled “The Origin of Life”

by Alexander Ivanovich Oparin,

of the Soviet Academy of Science.

Atheism and godless evolution was the official position

of the communists in the USSR

--the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.


Nowadays, the Russian president Vladimir Putin

wears a cross around his neck

and denounces what he calls “godless America”

for the sexual immorality promoted here.


How times have changed!


But, as a young man back in the 1960’s

I read a number of other books on the topic

by famous scientists,

and they all rejected religion,

in favor of a godless explanation for life.


And, so did the colleges and universities I applied to,

and the scientific community

I hoped to join as a career scientist, myself.


So, I did enough study

of the godless evolution theory to be fully convinced,

and to be able to present

its supporting arguments.


Over the years that followed, however,

I discovered the truth of the Bible

and what it reveals about our Creator, God.


And I can tell you with certainty

that the godless theory of evolution fails the test

when compared with the Bible.


I’ve seen the evidence for both sides,

and the Bible wins.



So, how do we reach people who’ve been told

the Bible is unscientific?


Well, one way is to look more closely at the Bible,

to show that claim is not true.


And, if we do that, we will find

is that the Bible is so scientificahead of its time—

that it offers proof of Divine authorship.


Only the Creator could have written it.


So, the Almighty Creator must exist.



Take, for example, the cycle of water.


Where does the water come from

that feeds the thousands of rivers and streams

all over the earth?


Ancient Greek scientists believed

the earth itself is full of water under the ground,

and that underground water

fed all the rivers and streams.


But Hebrew passages in the Bible

written centuries before those Greeks

tells the true story.


The Old Testament explains that water

evaporates as vapor, rising into the sky,

only to come down again as rain.


Long before scientists understood that,

God understood it, and put it into the Bible—

because he created the water cycle.


Psalm 135:7 says,

“He causes the vapors to ascend from the ends of the earth”


Job 36:27-28 says,

“He draws up the drops of water, which distil as rain to the streams; the clouds pour down their moisture and abundant showers fall on mankind.”


That cycle of water evaporating from the sea,

condensing as clouds in the sky,

and falling as rain to the ground

could not have been figured out

by Hebrews herding sheep.


It had to be given to them by the Almighty Creator

who inspired the Bible.


Our modern world is accustomed to TV weather charts

showing circulating winds and storms.


But would take God looking down from the sky

to give that information

to the ancient Hebrews.


So, it was only under divine inspiration

that the writer of Ecclesiastes 1:6 could say this,

around 1000 years B.C.

“The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course.”




But even more fascinating and convincing evidence

of the Bible’s divine inspiration

is found in what it says

about the written code behind all living things.

We humans

start out life as a single fertilized cell,

smaller than a period at the end of a sentence.


Inside that cell is the DNA

that determines our eye color, skin color,

and everything else about us.


DNA stands for a deoxyribonucleic acid

which is that double helix shaped molecule

that you often see pictured

in connection with the human genome.


That DNA is actually a set of coded instructions

that tell the cells of our body

how to build bone, muscle, hair, eyes

and every other part of our body.


It took about 100 years from when scientists

first discovered the existence of DNA

until they learned how to read the code.


The amazing thing about this DNA

is it really is writing.

It’s very similar to computer code.


Computer code spells out instructions

using a sequence of 2 characters,

represented as Zero and One,

whereas DNA code uses a sequence of 4 characters,

represented as 4 letters, G, A, T and C.


Dr. Francis Collins who was in charge of

the human genome project

recognizes the similarity

between DNA and computer code.


He refers to DNA code as a “language”

in his New York Times best selling book

titled “The Language of God.”


It is the language that God used to write down

the instructions for building our bodies in the womb.


I used to work at a secular job

where I was a computer programmer,

and I recognize the similarities

between DNA code and computer code.


In fact, the codes are so similar that scientists have

translated a digital version of an encyclopedia

 from computer language to DNA language,

and put the whole encyclopedia

on a strand of DNA.


So you can look at the DNA with a DNA sequencer

and read the encyclopedia.


So the DNA in a mother’s womb

really contains “written” instructions

for how the baby is to be formed.



What does that have to do with the Bible?


Well, even though the ancient Hebrews

could not possibly have known anything

about the code written in our DNA,

the Bible speaks of a written scroll

describing a baby’s body parts

before they are formed in the womb—

which is exactly what DNA does.


First, the Psalmist talks to God in Psalm 139

about how he was designed and built

in his mother’s womb.


Psalm 139:13 says,

“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.”


And Psalm 139:16 in the King James Bible says,

“Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.”


The Psalmist says

that the various parts of his body were “written”

before they actually came into shape.


In the English Revised Version it says,

Thine eyes did see mine unperfect substance, and in thy book were all my members written, which day by day were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.


Some modern translations spin this a bit differently,

but the more literal translations follow this pattern.


The Literal Standard Version says,

Your eyes saw my unformed substance, || And all of them are written on Your scroll, || The days they were formed—And not one among them.


What was God’s “book” or “scroll”

where the baby’s body members were written

before they were formed?


It was the DNA strands

in the fertilized egg in his mother’s womb

that grew into the baby.


That’s the place where the future body members

were written before they were formed—

written in the DNA instructions.


Obviously, God would not have used the words

“molecules” or “DNA”

when inspiring the ancient Hebrew psalmist.


Those words and concepts were unknown

to people back then.


 But God does say that the details of our bodies

were written down before we were born.



Computer code does not write itself—

companies employ people to write the code.


And DNA code doesn’t write itself, either.


God wrote the DNA code

that contains the written instructions

for how to form and grow each living creature.


And that’s what the Genesis account of creation

refers to when it says, at Genesis 1:11,

And God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind, on the earth.” And it was so.


Those seeds each contain instructions

written in DNA code

to grow the complete plant.


And the Bible, written thousands of years

before humans discovered the role of DNA,

says that God put those instructions in writing

for a seed to grow into a plant

and for a baby to be formed in the womb.



And God used that genetic language

to design and create all the living creatures

that we see around us.


He wrote the code that determines all their features

and all their behaviors.



Atheistic evolution claims that all the living creatures

came into existence through a series

of accidental mutations.


They say the DNA of a tiny one-celled animal

was damaged over and over again

by radiation or some other accident,

and that resulted in new and improved code

for more complex creatures—

every living thing on earth.


We know that viruses can mutate,

because hear in the news about COVID-19 mutations.


But viruses are tiny groups of molecules

and virus mutations just change the virus itself;

they never cause the virus

to evolve into a bacteria, or a worm

or a fish.


Our observations tell us that

when the DNA code of living organisms

is mutated by some accident

it always results in harm,

rather than good.


Modern evolution theory is based on the idea

that DNA mutationed over eons of time

to cause a worm to become a fish,

and that fish to become a land animal,

and that land animal to become an ape,

and that ape to become the 1st human.


That may sound simple,

but turning a fish into a land animal

would take an incredible number of

genetic modifications.


And accidental changes to DNA code

almost always break something—

just as accidental corruption of computer code

causes your device to malfunction.


Consider the eye, for example.


Huge volumes of DNA code instruct our body cells

how to build the eye,

while our bodies are formed in the womb.


Evolutionists claim these instructions for making the eye

wrote themselves gradually,

through a series of accidents.


But the eye doesn’t work, unless it is complete.


That’s an example of “irreducible complexity”—

meaning its parts are useless without the whole eye.


The lens doesn’t do any good,

unless it has a retina to focus on.


And the retina is useless without the lens.


So, godless evolution would require accidents

to create a working lens and a working retina

just in time to work with each other—

all by coincidental DNA mutations.


You’d really have to have blind faith in evolution

to believe something like that could happen

completely by accident.




When plants, animals or humans reproduce,

the process copies the DNA from the parent

into the child.


As the scripture said, the seed of each plant is in it,

to reproduce the same plant.


It’s sort of like someone typing on a keyboard

to reproduce a document by re-typing it.


If you make a typo—a mistake,

typing the wrong character—

it wrecks the document, rather than improving it.


The series of accidental mutations that would be needed

for evolution to happen,

would by like people re-typing copies of

the poem Mary Had a Little Lamb,

and making so many typos,

that they end up typing

the Constitution of the United States, instead—

by gradually changing the poem

into the Constitution

through a series of accumulating errors.


That could never happen!

And neither could

the evolutionist’s supposed series of accidents

change a fish into a human being—

no matter how many years went by.



The DNA of any organism

is more complex than the Encyclopedia Britannica.


Believing that a series of accidents

could write the DNA code to produce a human child

is like believing that

a series of explosions in a printing plant

could accidentally produce

a complete Encyclopedia Britannica.


But, because they reject belief in our Creator,

the scientists want to believe

that all this could happen by accident,

and they put blind faith in their evolution theory.


They accuse us of putting blind faith in the Bible,

but the Bible’s explanation of where we come from

makes much more sense than

godless evolution.



This morning, we’ve looked at just a fraction

of the evidence supporting the Bible

and disproving godless evolution.


You can find more evidence like this online at


But what each person does with this information depends,

not only on the mind, but also on the heart.


And the heart is treacherous.


Those who want to do as they please,

rather than be accountable to God,

will find a way to dismiss the evidence.

In any case, we believers have the evidence available,

to defend the truth of the Bible.


And we can reach out with that evidence

to help unbelievers see the truth.


Although I was misled as a young man,

to reject God and the Bible,

I eventually saw the evidence and believed.


And we can pray that our loved ones

will do the same.